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Managing geological heritage

The lifelong preservation of geological specimens lies at the very heart of our profession. Every procedure, from restoration, to core plugging, to viewing, is regulated, monitored and mastered. This high level of organisation contributes to the faultless management of samples entrusted to us.

and confidentiality

Experienced in working with major corporate groups, particular emphasis is placed on the principles of security and confidentiality.


The technical equipment required for our activities comprises material handling equipment (forklift trucks and pickers), machine tools (diamond circular saws, pluggers), a photography station and a binocular microscope.

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Rehabilitation enables a complete reorganization of a geological collection, secure and protected electronic data, and new cases for proper packing and uniform archiving of samples.

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STC possesses an organisational structure and professional conservation means that are specially adapted to the archiving of geological specimens. The secure building, which can hold up to 200 000 metres of samples on rack-shelving, has been designed and developed on the basis of our experience, expectations and our duty to conservation.

A Geological
Heritage Alive

Patrimoine géologique vivant